Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Read a bit of News ....

from my state, the actions of a group  of "Radical" morons ... and "Racial" (yes there are many Blacks who Are "Racists" they hate White people... so extreme Racism is not just White "racists")
      we do not view a person by the color of their skin... but by their actions and words...
our world is in a sad shape... is there no "hope" for the Human race ...???
            too many people have ignored (self-denial) mental issues in dealing with other Humans.
    I am off to my Spore Worlds ... the actions of these uneducated raciest bastards has Upset us...


  1. All very well said, and great thoughts and perspective indeed. Warm greetings to you.

    1. Thank you good Sir... not a "racist... just things are Bad and folks need to try and "get Along" with one-another... a "Perceived" Wrong is much worse than the "Facts" to most people... sad to say... is there "Hope" for the Human Race... our have they lost the aspects that we have called "Humanity"...??