Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to Clean-up and Carpet Removal....

at least the temps here are pleasant today and using fan to take (years of accumulated) dust away... Only a bit of breathing issues thus far... hope to have not only that "strip" (where sits the couch... and the Christmas tree and some Holiday decorations be hind it... and ... there was that Damned "little Elf"...!!! ... This time the phone cable was pulled up inside of a tangle of lights... the large round red ornament the ling red piece that had it tangled up inside of this "mess"... was the long leg of that Elf... second tine it has been up in that are "wrapped around" the phone itself (about 1and a half up into things.... not likely to have just "fallen into that position with Elf up in there... odd)... oh well... that one section removed now... decorations going out to back-porch (withe many other stored items...


  1. The temperature here is nice and warm, hopefully it stays that way for a while before the rain takes over. Have a nice weekend!

    1. It finally let up on the "oppressive" Heat and Humidity here for the last two days, good Sir...

  2. Smells of "ancient" dust in here... we will have another section removed later... (my Friend is busy scraping off the 1970's linoleum ... and its glue, from the 50's era hard-wood floor...)

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