Monday, June 19, 2017

Just Realized that the Solsist is nearly upon Us...

                                  the Summer Solstice ... Longest day of the Year....
                            and with All this recent "Drama"... ours may be "slipping"...


  1. This year is passing too quickly for my liking.

    Sounds like you're taking sensible steps towards solving your problem.

    Having a lawyer in your corner always helps.

    Hope there can be a decent resolution (although I doubt it will be any time soon, as the wheels of justice grind slowly).

    1. Thank you kind Sir for this Advice... we are trying to do things the "Right" way... Bless you and yours...!!!
      there are Two in Charlotte... that would like to take on their "bad Things" they have done... (just for local "notoriety")... and learning Where to file these complaints with What "Gov Offices"... taking a bir research...

  2. I'd also say that when it comes to this matter it's probably wiser to keep your cards close to your chest, you don't want to tip anyone off as to what you are doing (as that could give them a jump start on you!)