Sunday, December 11, 2016

Finally have a Playable "Dr. Theda" for my Spore....!!!

Thanks to a new creation (by that great creator, "Mavor"... whose Permission we have to use his creations)
Could Not color his hair "White",  though... and had to run him to a 4th level Captain for just his "cape"... best version of my Dr. Theda that we could arrange...

he arose from the depths of his Crypt... many millennia.... only to be greated by the ancient ruins of theEarth an many New worlds to explore...


  1. Thank you... We really wanted Dr. Theda in my Spore...!!!
    now at 100 points short of 8th Level..!!!
    (my step-Mother is taking us to Primary Care doctor... they have equipment there to check out my chest cavity... and He can decide if need to go the Hospital...