Monday, May 25, 2015

Animals are Smarter Than You Might Think...

The Profits Help not only the Zoo,... but Children's Charities as well
                                  Never "under-estimate" the "intelligence" of an Animal
The "White" coloration indicates "Fear"....

                  They can even have "human-like Quirks and behavioral responses"...
Here This one gleefully ( you can tell that it is "content" by its coloration) takes and old bowl to add to its collected "treasures" which it displays around (and near) to its lair
                                   Thus they  (like certain Birds) are "Collectors...!!!
                                                     Truly "Amazing Creatures"...!!!
                                             A bit of info on these "Amazing" Creatures....!!!!
                   We leave you with a performance of the Great Escape Artist,.... "Super-Ock"

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