Friday, December 20, 2013

My Only Uncle was in a Terrible Accident....

              Just a few hours ago... do not know many details ( head and back injuries)...
 two others we badly hurt... (and the state of the other guy is "unknown"...that man may have been killed...)
                                                         It was a five car collision....


  1. I am so sorry I hope that your uncle will be ok! your friend Wendy

  2. My Prays are with you and your only uncle I do understand.I lost my favorite uncle years ago around this time and it's hard . I hope all is well. I do love your blog. tooo your friend Wendy. I don't know if you have ever seen my blog it probobly not yur style but stop by if you are feeling blue it might bring your spirits up Wendy..hugs

  3. You have a beautiful and "uplifting" blog dear Lady... but afraid that our depression is too deep for your kind words to help us ...bless you

  4. Is that a deer in the road? I came across an accident where a guy had hit a deer, and he was standing on the side of the road next to the deer waiting for the authorities to come and shoot it, and put it out of its' misery, and there was this "organ" in the middle of the road (looked like a spleen or a kidney). I guess the force of the car hitting the deer made the deer's organ shoot out of its' body. If I had a digital camera with me at the time I'd have taken a pic

    1. .... I still laugh when I think about it... I don't know why...

  5. Hello my Friend Joe... misfortunes and the narrow-minded folks of this town... have taken from me all of my Holiday spirit... a great weekend to you good Sir...

  6. i'm really sorry and sad to you my dear fiend....
    it's sure winter holidays are unblessed!
    the life is a big piece of shit and we must to eat one part every day...
    Full of sweets dark kisses from France just for you,