Friday, March 22, 2013

To Whoever is Looking for "Jeepers Creepers Truck"....

At the great blog "Papermau"... There is a printable 3-D "paper-craft" truck  ("camper") that looks a lot like the Creeper's truck...  (of course you leave off the side mirrors and top vent well as repaint it ...)
 And of course you will have to make your own license plate " BEATINGU"....
 have fun ... It was posted on March 9th this year...Free download



  1. I thought it an odd request for a "search"... So We did what we could...

  2. Im a Geocacher and one of my caches is called Jeepers Creepers. It's full of spiders, snakes and other creepy critters.

  3. that eye is going to give me nightmares omg