Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Had to Post This One Again...

I love This Video ...And its "Zacherley"... How about a few other "interesting" ( and "morbid" ) songs Kiddies....???

                                                  Had to Throw in a bit of the Old Ones....
                                                       And poor Harley...
                                     Let's See what else We have Kiddies... We are having "Fun"...LOL

                                           How about a bit of "Green Slime" (from the late 60's)....

                                               Loved these nasty beasties as a small child...!!!

                                                       What about "Fishmen"...???

                        ..."they can Dynamite Devil's Reef...But that will Bring No relief..."
                                           A really Great Version of "Dust in the Wind"...LOL
                  We will leave you with these "odd" songs ....( as Zacherley would say )
                                            Good Night Whatever You Are ....


  1. I never saw the Green Slime movie so I went to YouTube and they have the whole movie there! I'm gonna watch it Saturday and have a few beers, lol.

  2. Yes I have posted this movie a couple of times... the folks do Not seem to care much for poor old Zacherley....

  3. I'm fixen' to watch it now. :) Do you remember the green slime that you could buy in eggs and splat things with? I couldn't find it on the net anywhere!