Wednesday, July 25, 2012


                               I had to harvest my only pumpkin ( due to Cucumber Grubs)
 It never grew much larger....I actually caught one of the little buggers... a bloated white grub worm just a bit over two inches in length...   I found out that you see signs of these vermin.... you take a straight pin and poke holes about every inch near the infestation.... thus impaling these Worms...
                         So I guess I will soon carve my first Jack-o-Lantern very soon....


  1. Aw man :( Sorry to hear about the worms. Those darn things drove me crazy last year and caused me to not try again this year.
    I hope that you have better luck as the season progresses.
    The pumpkin is still lovely in anycase :)
    Happy Haunting!

  2. Nice Pumpkin Doctor! I too have fallen prey to the dreaded squash vine borer. I have a couple of ok pumpkins, but the vines are starting to rot at the base. The constant struggle between man and nature.