Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favorite Marvel Comics ...Villain...Carnage

          Cleatus Cassidy was a ruthless demented serial killer Before ever becoming "Carnage"....
                                                    And he has a Great "Smile".....

                                                        My Hologram did not show...Sorry..
                                In an encounter with the"Silver Surfer" Cassidy lost his "Symbiote"...
                                           Below is about All I know of this "Encounter"
                                  Large so that you can read it.... Could some one let me know "What Happened"...???


  1. Fan of Carnage myself.
    Don't remember the details, but what happened was: the Avengers showed up, fought the Carnage Cosmic and were defeated, then someone weakened the symbiote just enough for the Silver Surfer to fly into the Sun sacrificing himself and killing the symbiote.

  2. Love Carnage, that gaping maw really does it!
    I never could really pick between him and Venom but it was the name and colours that made him my favourite.