Monday, September 19, 2011


 As a youth I worked in the warehouse of "Morris Costumes" (owned by North Carolina's own "Dr. Evil" ) I was even Dr. Evil's "Butler" and appeared on one of his Halloween Shows back in the 80's... Well here is more on the "Cool Ghoul" himself , Zacherly... from an early issue of Famous Monsters...

 including the ad for a life-sized poster
   along with songs like "Dinner With Drac" and "Gravy" ( one of my favorites).... Zacherly has had a "Full" career ... ( I owned an old copy of "Dinner with Drac" as a small child..... and did not know until less than a year ago that He was the one who recorded it...) ... so even without knowing it I have been a fan of his since my youth... The Doctor

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