Sunday, December 2, 2018

Making Creepmas...

                                          Snowpoclaypse ... Today's Creepmas "Topic"...
we do not get much snow around here... (and will have to go to hospital (again).   Two Brown Recluse bites on right arm... not looking very good... need antibiotics) large itchy lump on forearm... large discolored area on upper arm (that we awoke with)


  1. Oh, no...spider bites, especially poison ones, can be sooo painful. Hoping you have already been to the doctor about them.

    1. Waiting on my ride to hospital now, dear Lady... these cause tissue-rot to bite area... need antibiotic... should be better in a few days... (itching much more than pain)

  2. Man hope all goes well with the spider bites!

  3. I like the wolf on top of the haunted house. I hope those spider bites don't prove to be serious health problems!