Sunday, November 26, 2017

Feeling Rather Poorly...

Friday night went to try to sleep by 8:00pm (very early for me)... Seems a respiratory infection has tried to set in... (we have No upper lung tissue for it to affect....) So its acting like a bad head-cold....

judging from mucus discoloration... some active virus (most expelled showed dead or dying ) and "Breathing" is already a big problem... well doctor visit tomorrow... (regular blood-work)
                                     Hope to feel better soon... will post more later...


  1. Also very depressed... yesterday would have been my Mom's Birthday (she passed on that same date).... thoughts not been very cheerful for a few days...

  2. Yes, I hope the world looks brighter to you soon.

  3. Hope your Dr. appointment offers some relief.

  4. Thank you All for the kind wishes... already have (a Lot) of breathing issues... and this makes it a bit rough on us... should be much healthier in a couple of days....

  5. sorry you are feeling bad. Hoping your doctor can help you feel good again. You might ask the doctor for something to help with the depression, too.

    1. They (doctors) tried more than a few different "anti-depressants" ... Some really bad "side-effects" from some...
      Its just that this respiratory infection makes breathing more difficult... Should clear up in a couple more days... Do not know if the doctor can even do anything about this passing virus... just have to "ride it out"... Our best wishes to you and your Family in the upcoming Holiday Season.