Sunday, September 10, 2017

How About A Song....



  1. That's the spirit! Good villain, and a good tune. Keep it up, and please cheer up. It seems the view counter isn't working correctly. How many views do you have for the day so far?

    1. These last few days views as low as when we started six years ago...

    2. Don't let that bum you out. They will go back up eventually. Just give your viewers time to get through all the drama and chaos going on in our world.

    3. You also may need to consider that right now with two pretty populous states undergoing some severe weather issues, viewership may be down too.
      By the way, how far is Fort Mill SC from you? It's about an hour from me but we go there often for Carrowinds. There is a really cool store in Fort Mill called The Creature's Crypt (my 4-year old calls it the monster shop) that deals in horror memorabilia and such. They carry some cool original artwork prints and one I saw last weekend was a stylistic rendition of Lon Chaney in London After Midnight. I saw it and immediately thought of you!