Friday, July 28, 2017

Been Watching a Lot of You Tube....

                                     ... been watching way too much of these clips...
Mostly looking for "Cryptids" (other than "Bigfoot") and strange bits... (many of which tie into various other things that we have researched over these many years)... just little bits that are not commonly mentioned... as well as much on ancient "Wonders"... checking on recent earthquakes and atmospheric anomalies and solar activity... a Lot of interesting (little known to most ) facts... that do Not quite fit (or "behave") in "Normal" ways... we like to check on more "What is known" and Facts (rather than whatever is said at You Tube.... (each tale of an Encounter or event can easily lead down a "rabbit hole" of searching through many other sources.... )

                        like this one from England (Hampton Court) security camera..


  1. Still at you tube.... watching "The World of Weirdness" segments (we even subscribed to their posted videos...

  2. Still watching these clips... need to sleep soon... (these things are very "addictive")