Monday, November 14, 2016

Will Post Later...

                          right now trying to get my breathing meds straightened out...!!!

my breathing / heart doctor prescribed a couple of liquid medical fluids for us to use in the Nebulizer... One just leaves my throat feeling "raw" for a while... The "Other:... Was a "Sulfate" based... We had very Bad results from that med before... It is in His folder of my medical info more that a couple of times and is in Every paper from each visit (about 11 years worth) listed as a "Medical Allergy"... use of this wrong med gave us really intense chest pains over the weekend !!
Waiting to hear back from his office.... already filed info with drug store, for their records (something that the doctor's office was "supposed" to have done... they told me they would "take care of that"... stupid me, actually believed them)....


  1. Sorry folks,... we don't feel so great today... and breathing issues are a bit rough on us for now as well...

  2. the "Receptionist" just called.... said that they"updated" my File and removed that med from "Allergies"... saying that was just a "side-effect"... then hung up on me before we could ask Any question... How RUDE...!!