Thursday, March 17, 2016

Been a bit Busy

   There was posted a small "Tribal" village (Empty of Tribe) Template She said to "Customize"

                                   Dead bodies of the Villagers scattered about
           We made a dark morbid version and added a few barely alive (and "tied") who will Attack..
So wish us Luck at this one... Folks at "" seem to "Like" my "Creations"...
  My Adventures in Hell have been "well Received"   (And my other "Adventure Town" one)...!!!
                              Working on a "Game" submission for Saturday Morning ...

                          I scattered dead bodies about as "decorations" and "Flies"...


  1. Just received "Approval" to use the creations of Three Others ( along with my own stuff)... The remaining one just approved... this should be "Good"

  2. JEEPENART liked the "flies" added to the dead bodies...