Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holy Shit Kiddies....!!!!!

                   My friends just took a picture with their phone of my Hallway....!!!!

                                  This apparition was Not visible to us at the time...
                                                            What the FUCK....!!!!


  1. Looks like you've got some serious negative energy going on at your place.
    The top one looks more malevolent than the bottom. The top one looks filled with rage, while the bottom one seems to be noticing what a mess your place is in...

  2. That is really freaky! Do you know anyone with expertise in the paranormal who could look at the photo for you?

  3. Not that could look at the photo... the actual photo is on their phone... but it was Not seen by anyone ...just in the picture...!!!

  4. That's how a lot of 'em are pictured. Cameras pick up spectra that our eyes do not. Hell, it looks like Mother Mary to me. Don't show it to the Catholics, they will turn your place into a shrine.