Monday, May 27, 2013

Seem to Have Taken a Bit of a Tumble....

 I stepped out to feed the Dog ("Casper")... when I stepped on the Top Step ... there we went .... right side of hip took most of the impact from the fall... due to the algae ( Because of last week's rains)... I was launched down these steps , ...across the sidewalk and up into under the shrubbery....
Not ready for "Mr. Death" just yet , Kiddies

                        These are the same steps that killed my Aunt when I was a child....


  1. You gotta get rid of those steps. they're not a friend of the family's

  2. Oh, I hope you're weren't too badly hurt after that tumble?! Take care of yourself!

  3. Hope you're hip is ok. Those can be horrible injuries.