Friday, January 4, 2013

I can Already See That This is Going to be a Bad Year....

                                                 It still will Not allow me to post pictures...
At "Topix/Forum/City/Marshville,NC" they are talking "crap" about "Stacey" again...
 Not only poking fun at my mental health issues ... but accusing me of my Pumpkin Patch last year was to produce "Demon-Possessed" pumpkins... and some of these Morons around here will actually Believe this rubbish... It really "sucks" to live in a small town... an now this person is re-starting the "rumor-mill" against me... Any suggestions...???


  1. you don't think this will be a bad year... and don't worry for your blog, I can't upload pics from my pc too!
    and...uh... who cares what people say?

  2. Small towns can be horrible places, but I agree with Fainting Spell. Just ignore them. They aren't worth the effort of getting upset. It's better to spend our time doing something that makes us happy.
    Enjoy the new year the best you can