Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Time

The scariest made for Television movie ever made was 1979's "Salem's Lot"... with Reggie Nalder as the master vampire... Directed by Tobe Hooper ... George Romero was with the production from the beginning.. When he learned that 1979 was also the seeing the release of other "vampire" films ("Nosferatu" and another remake of "Dracula") , He dropped out of the project....

This was Stephen King's first TV Mini-Series 

Reggie Nalder ( who played the part of the "Red Skull" in the 70,s TV movie Cpt. America) is "Naturally Ugly" and with the addition of a bald head and pointed ears....( As well as a "nasty looking" set of fangs) made for a super scary vampire.....!!!

Along with her two sons...The Glick family became some of the creepiest blood-suckers ever to grace a television screen...

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