Monday, September 26, 2011

More Ramblings

 for tonight as I am sitting at my computer small black beetles Landing on me and often biting me as I try to pick them off of me.... They are apparently after the lamp behind me.... these "pests" are driving me crazy ... ( "crazier" ???)  oh well.... the screen door warped and my brother's children slightly broke the "cheaply made" door , thus the beetles... ( a small type of "Water Beetle" only about 1/2 inch long) ... Slugs, Fleas and now these Beetles...!! All this is not good on my "nerves"....

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  1. After Bathing dog ("Uno") and using "vaccuuuming" the carpet and killing several of these beetles.. and putting a barrier of salt in my doorways... I am about to go to bed 12:11am here... Not only the "pests" but the day was a bit "stressful" as well.. I have to wait until tomorrow morning to get a cigarette... only had 4 and 1/2 All Day !!
    Well tomorrow is the 94th birthday of Zacherly.!!