Friday, September 23, 2011

"Dark" Secrets

My listing of my "dark" secret was kind of  "lame".... Sorry but most of my "worst" are things that are already known..... example I have studied the "black arts" ( mostly Demonology) Summoned a few demonic spirits.... cast a couple of "Curses" had  one backfire  ( that was "bad") ..Supposed to have attempted to "BodySnatch" a corspe to decorate my room with his skeleton... (Yeah, right... Bullshitt!!!!) That I am mostly "more than a bit Looney" ( I have Papers...) Ex-Bank Robber.... (I was only 21 at the time) That I know how to make Explosives, Incenidaries and poisons from common things.... That I Fear People...( the Only Phobia that I cannot Overcome).... That I spend most of my time in my corner with No one else around no one to "hang out" with anymore...,. that I have a diabilitating "fear of Failing"   ... These things people already they are not "secrets". They don't refer to me as the "Boogeyman" for nothing...

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