Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Ramblings "the Laws" of Survival Continued....

"The Laws" continued...
 33- "Love" ..."love. that deadly sickness that robs the strength from men.  Not just "carnal love", but any weak hungering for affection, for beauty, for Hope of wonders to come....." -the Dragon-
 34 - "in times of need, even the devil will eat flies..." ( meaning : we will do what-ever we have to Just to Survive)
 35 - Always keep your back covered.
36 - Even if things are going "right"...Never drop your defenses.
 37 - Winning is Not Everything.... It is the Only thing...
  38 - Understand that They can kill you and eventually Will do so , if you give them the chance...-Grendle-
39 - It is a lot easier to die than to use your head
40 - curiosity, once aroused, is Not easily silenced
41 - Maximum Utilization of Available Resources
42 - Adapt... The Rule of Survival
43 - There is a great difference between Knowing a thing and Understanding it.
44 - In the fight for Survival There are No Rules...
45 - When you are determined to survive.. You leave Nothing to Chance...
46 - Time will give Perspective..
47 - Logic can do wonders, if it has something to work upon...
48 - "Things fade...Alternatives exclude.."  -the Dragon-
49 - Fight with deliberation and strategy
 50 - that which does not kill us makes us stronger
51 - Fear of Retaliation stops a "rational" attacker; It does Not deter the "fanatic"...
52 - Strength without thought can win only the simplest of battles  ( The Power of Thought over "heedless action")
53 - Act as circumstances permit according to the Tactictal Situation
54 - One should first consider All the "possibilities"
55 - "Your greatest weakness is lack of awareness of your true Potential" ( Your biggest disadvantage is the frame of mind you are in)
56 - "Did Rules ever Stop a child..??"
57 - Always Question Everything
58 - Watch for "weak links"
59 - In the long run You have got to learn to help Yourself
60 - " you can get Whatever you Want...If You are willing to pay the Price..( Nothing of Value is free --- Ever)
61 - For some people There are No Limits
62  - Revenge is a dish best served cold
63 - "The Evil that a man does lives long after him, while the Good is often buried with his Bones"
64 - M.A.D.  ("Mutual Assured Destruction")
65 - Ambition is all you need
66 " you are a man of the mind..... Use It"
67 - Your Enemy will Not give you a warning
68 - Where Chaos reigns, Evil Rules
69 - Don't sweat the "small stuff"
70 - You cannot easily be hindered in your course if no one knows you are coming...( You can not second guess a madman)
71 - Be wise enough to survive
72 - Public displays of power go a long way towards controling others
73 - Focus on "the Goal" ...Not "the Task"
74 - One can kill Many
75 - Evil is of old date
76 - "Evil" is "Live" spelled backwards and We All Want to "Live"... or am I wrong ??"
77 - What is wanted is the "Deed" ; Theory derives from Action...
78 - Trust No One
 79 - Evil is as evil does
80 - ??
    These are "the Laws" ....;

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