Sunday, August 13, 2017


           Ran my Human Empire and Captains at Spore (the first Humans in my new game-worlds)
   He is of Diplomat class... but the only Human race (other than those processed into Meats....)
    Woke up and looked at my Blog stats... well over 6,000 views (not even Noon yet !!!)
                                   We were busy yesterday so our last post was about the "Rake"...
                     No idea Why such a large number of views ???  Thank you good viewers...!!
Give us a bit and we will find "something" to post... (the Number of Views thus far for Today is our Highest Ever !!!!!    Thank you All for brightening our day...!!


  1. Well huge congratulations to you on that achievement, keep up the good work. Warm greetings indeed!

    1. Thank you good Sir... and our health (and Summer temps and Humidity are giving us a bit of a "break', thus far today)... so indeed we Are "thankful"... have a great Sunday...

  2. Just heard of a "Creepy Pasta" tale called "Thump Thump"... we will check it out later...