Monday, August 7, 2017

Six Years now... !!!

  Well it is August the 8th again... and Anniversary of this Blog ... our little "Crypt" still going...
We would like to Thank All of you wonderful viewers who stopped by our "Crypt" over these last Six Years ...!!! never expected much from this blog... just my (last living) Pumpkin Patch .. our first... no luck since on the Pumpkins... but, ... also to share my life-long love of Horror and Monsters...

                          with "uncertain" Health conditions... may be our last August 8th...


  1. Congratulations on six years of blogging! Hope you will be celebrating this landmark in some way. Take care! Best wishes from this side of The Pond.

  2. Here is to another six years!! Cheers and congrats.

  3. Keep on posting, Good Doctor!

  4. Thank you All...!!!
    just got back internet service... so, will post today...