Saturday, April 16, 2016


                                              Been trying to pull Stacey back together...
Still working on the post that we began last night ( took a break after well over Two hours of putting it together...) Sort of a way to try and make up for my lack of posts this past week.

                we will finish up the A to Z in the post as well (that is what is taking us so long)
                           Not the one that we were looking for, but worth a view....
                      a beautiful Spring day... and for now ... we leave you with a song...

   And this was one of my favorite toys as a kid... the "Hornetoid Fighter" (from Micronots)
                                Even made a version of this craft for my Spore games.


  1. I like that version of "The Scream" -- about time it was updated!

    1. Too bad the real one will never be seen again..
      it was taken by armed gunman.....