Saturday, April 23, 2016

AfterTrying For a Couple of Hours....

                            We Finally got it to post another "Epic-Scale" game...!!!!
Love the "Sepia-tone" look to this Adventure.                          
("Something" took a "Bite" out of the "Big Apple")
      This time around, it is the "basted ruins" of a Large City ( New York, even)....

             Very "detailed"...!!! Have "pieced together this one for last few months....
                 Now we have shared this "Fun" "Template" with other Players...!!!
                      Rather "proud" of the way this one turned out...!!!


  1. Interesting stuff! I actually had to finally look up Spore as I wasn't familiar with it off hand. Seems interesting.

    1. Very Large and "detailed" Ruins.
      The other two-part game is currently the "Most Popular New Adventures" and seems to be "liked" by many...!!!

    2. then these horrible internet Trolls (known as "Down-Raters") got to one of the games... It now has a "Frowning Face" ... been told that they "attack" a new creation or Adventure (often one that was doing rather well) and just "join forces with others of their kind and begin to lower its "Rating" , with-out mercy.... Guess we were getting enough Notice that they seem to have turned (at least some of) their Attention to my creations....
      Was told that they mostly attack the more "popular" Creators... So their doing so to me, means that we are becoming one of the more popular Creators ...!!
      ... So, they actually showed me that Stacey is no longer "beneath "notice".