Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry About That Last Movie....

                                    Not the film that we thought it was....
                             it was more like a screwed-up version of "Spiderman" ....
   and it is only in the last minutes of the movie that we get to see the Stan Winston "creature effects"


  1. superb drawing dear Doctor.
    Yout crypt is always a horribly pleasant visit !
    (not sure of this formule, my english is so poor...)

    Anyway, have a creepy day my friend ! :)

  2. What a lovely drawing.
    Spiders do have a strange appeal, for me it's their beady eyes.

  3. For me, their horrible appeal comes from the hairy thin legs.
    Awesome drawing!

  4. At these moments, for me it's impossible see your blog... I hate spiders! haha And they always appear in my room! xD

  5. I am sorry about that dear Lady...Good to see you visiting us at the "Crypt"... I am glad that you got to go see Snow ... Take care and get well soon ... Stacey