Friday, February 1, 2013

One-Eyed Alien Invaders...

I was noticing the similarities between "Kodos and Kang" ( of the Simpsons) and the Alien "Thing" (from the movie "It Came from Outer Space")

                         These beings, with their single large eye are a bit "creepy-looking"..
This Alien being really "creeped" me out as a small child
And this lovely lady is the creator of the classic Alien from the film ( she also created the beloved movie monster ..."The Creature From The Black Lagoon"...!!)
                    Kodos and Kang are much better known by todays viewers...
               Other "One-Eyed Alien Invaders include (one of my Favorites..."The Green Slime")

                               One of the earliest "Monsters" from my childhood....

                                   I really loved the design of these "Cheesy" beasties

          And who could forget "the Crawling Eye" ( aka "the Trollingberg Terror)

                                       These slimy tentacled crawling eyeballs...

                              So Earthlings Beware.... the Alien Eyeballs are coming.....


  1. Hi there, do u have any informations about that woman who created movie monsters?? who the hell is she?? I'm sure she had the most amazing life. thx from france

  2. Atomic Submarine has the scariest one-eyed monster ever.