Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Favorite From the Haunted Mansion

                                                                       The Creepy Organist
 Though I have never been there ( and doubt that I ever will...) I have enjoyed this character since childhood

                                                      Love the spooky ghostly heads...

                                                           Here is how that effect is done....
                                                                   Even had his own model kit
Frosted Apple , Kiddies...


  1. Just going over files ... trying to find things to post for you folk....

  2. I LOVE the organ playing ghost!!! Have you seen the Jim Shore figurine of the Organ Player? I'll have to post a picture of mine :) I purchased it in Disney this past October =) Thanks for posting the pics! These are great!

    1. Never been there & with my health situations... I doubt That I ever Shall... Except fro going to see Doctors... I seldom ever leave Marshvillle....

  3. They have to re release these great kits.