Saturday, August 8, 2015

the Only Things Being "Viewed" are My D&D Posts....

                                                    We were a DM for many years....
             What Dungeons and dragons things are you searching for , good Gamers....???

Hello Gamers....  what are you seeking... please comment  and we see what we can find for you... Know much on older Game_worlds... Sorry not "updated"


  1. burnt a couple of fingers on light bulbs ... calling it a night..a 1/4 after Six , now...

  2. Sunrise is beginning to arrive...

  3. I use to play D&D but never played seriously enough just for fun. Some of my buddies did not like the way I played. I will never forget tho how it transported you to a new world that you could get lost in for hours, unlike today's video games!

  4. I think you have a larger amount of D&D bloggers following you. Makes sense really.