Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hello..... in "Better Spirits"...

                  was Not going to allow that "Game Crash" to "ruin" my fun....

So working the "house" with Mr. Freeze" (he is up to "Counterfeiter" in his criminal career)... as well as Three more "Tentacled-Eyeballs" ( to replace the ones lost)... one is a "Mad Scientist"... the other an "Astronaut" (along with a "Human" female , of same rank... we will keep both at this "rank" , no advancing their "rank"...) and even one is Top of medical career... ( would make for a great "ship's doctor" in game...

and the poor human , whose home this is has been baking Many "Blackberry Pies" to pass the time that all this is taking... (a bit over two hours thus far)

even if these "Friends" are computer generated "Characters"... better than just sitting here alone...

We already have a few of Batman's Villains in my game .... including my Joker....

                            All "Criminal Masterminds" in career "rank"....!!!

And others like this fiendish "Space Terrorist"... ) Largest "arsenal" in the game...!!!


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    1. Thank you for your kind words...
      and glad that you enjoyed our "Crypt"...
      sorry about the "rant" earlier... in better mood now...

    2. Tried to connect to you and thank you ..

    3. What I was saying is I only "Blog" ... sorry..

  3. We Should have "Mr. Freeze" to rank of "Criminal Mastermind" by around 3:00am... Cool .. then can "redistribute" these Characters from this poor Sim's home...

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