Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sorry Folks...

But we must call it a night early... really bad "Headache"' be back tomorrow with more posts
Just not really up to it tonight.... ( a bit too much "pain")


  1. about to have my late-night meal of Jello.. and since that massive bleeding has nearly stopped, I can rest without "worries" (for the most part)....
    trying to get a bit of needed sleep

  2. Glad the bleeding has stopped mostly...having teeth pulled can sure cause massive headaches...hope you have something to take to help you get pain relief so you can sleep.

  3. we seldom take"anything ... (can maker aspirin"using willow bark extract)
    do not like All of the chemical additives in medicines... and since I was years "Root-Doctor types of medical treatments...(many of which actually work)