Friday, August 14, 2015

Tried a couple of New Downloads...

Lots of cool characters in my game-world.... (many .. Thanks to "Mod The Sims")
and even added a cool-looking "Snape" (from Harry Potter as well as a new "Miss Lovett"....!!!)


  1. These look really interesting...glad you found some you like.

  2. Will go through my good Friend and Follower ( as well as "Neighbor" to obtain some more "Downloads"
    please :"virus scan" my E-mails.. something is "wrong with the "account"...

  3. hmmm...I will check the email.
    Could you help me...I want to add a youtube to a post but I am having trouble learning how to do that. I googled but it gave me the run-around...LOL
    sure would appreciate it....