Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday is upon Us Again

a couple of doctor visits took up my day. got home around 5:00pm... (about the only times we every get to leave this house) ...
The doctor that prescribed Lycra put my "fears" at ease, She told me not done to me by intent but different people react differently to this med (we had a very bad bout about a week into taking them...
and was told that they want me to stop my nerve pills ?? Been on them for the last 20 years !!
Was told that am on the highest dosage they can give (two 2mg per day) .... so unsure of what next.

was lucky enough to get the new (Neca brand) Sam !! 7 inch tall with cloth outfit ... very nicely done figure! sack-mask removes to show his "Jack-o-Lantern" head (jaw even is movable!)


  1. Not very "fond" of the new format of You Tube... they said "changes of Dec. 10th .... almost a month away ... but, this part they have already done)

  2. Just got call from doctor now Both want me to just stop taking my med..."We are trying to get All patients off of "benzos"...

  3. we remember how bad our nerves were before the nerve pills... guess we have to go back to that state... hate having to tell those staring at me that it is not parkinsin

  4. doctor just called (said he does not much on medications) and consulted with the woman with bad pills... am to go ahead a stop med !!! ??? and for putting Stacey back into that state.... will Not be very "happy" with them....

  5. well after dark and temps warmer than today's daytime high

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    1. Yes we do... Stacey is a form of Anastasia. meaning, "One who will rise again".... Last name of Lemmon, word of French origin, meaning my ancestor was born out of wed-lock
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