Monday, November 25, 2019


New doctor has taken away my nerve  meds... at my disability hearing, a Federal Judge declared that we need this medication to be "functional"... Nerves and severe panic attacks are why we were prescribed this med about 20 years ago... Now she decides that she does not want me taking my nerve med... Nothing we can do about this... Already lined-up meeting with the good doctor who (after over 2 years of trying different med as well as combinations of such... this Better than thou "Bitch" refused to even listen to us...
so will become much less "social"( and become very withdrawn from other people) doubt will even be able to carry half a cup of coffee, due to nerves so bad that it spills everywhere... back to the mess of a person we were  before treatment (a very poor quality of Life is to be our Future)
would say we  will hope for the best.... but there is to be no "hope" only suffering..
cannot go out in public shaking like that... if try to eat food falls off of fork or spoon (even mashed potatoes).... So will no longer go to dinner with my Dad at restaurants...
                             Was told that there is Nothing that can do about this...


  1. Good luck, hope you get things resolved satisfactorily and quickly. I know from personal experience how important prescribed medication is.

  2. They (the meds) is a big part of us being able to maintain Stacey as a "(mostly) functioning" person.... really hated having to tell folks staring at me that do not have Parkinson's ...
    and the panic-attacks.... much sweating (sudden regardless of temps) and tightening of chest... heart (not its best) goes "haywire" and breathing gets very difficult (and that was back when still had lungs)
    am listed as "disabled" for extreme nervous anxiety (not for terminal chest condition)... and the meds that the Federal Judge (who presided over my disability hearing) said that Stacey needs that med to try to live a "normal" life (his words)
    and dr.ivy has no concern fo Any of these facts..

  3. So sorry to hear of this development, Stacey.

    1. Thank you dear Lady Debra.... trying to back with the doctor who put me on this med... will take time... will do without till then (if he can, or does not want to) We trust Dr. Pak... he is a good man and devoted "Family man" )

  4. I am so sorry you have to go through this.
    Did they give you any exercises to do and would those help?
    I'm sorry you can't go to dinner with your dad.

    1. Thank you for your concerns, dear Lady Whisk...
      trying to get back with my doctor who first treated us.
      no exercises just have to deal with things.... (most are things that we can do nothing about)the breathing exercises when having early stages of a panic-attack are very rough on my chest cavity... a combination of PTSD paranoia and severe social-phobia make dealing with people (in public places) rather difficult on us.
      Something just attacked my cat on the back porch (may have been that possum again)... slammed a club on the table beside of the back door only caught a glimpse of it rushing out the back door...
      have endured worse than things now (health, chest cavity was better then though) have this room sealed off from rest of house and a space-heater to warm this room...
      we are a "Survivor".... means we have endured many "bad things" over these many years.... and am still here...