Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wishing Viewers a Pleasant Sunday

ended up with a batch of "Mystic Relics"... many of which can kill a Sim... or give them a "contagious" Curse to anyone the "cursed" encounter... can even spread across entire Neighborhood.
           Still growing my "weird" plants (works great to "graft" to a rose bush for a new plant)...
we downloaded this one and other "violent" and "ghastly" Mods for my Sims game-world.... only installed "Cannibalism" and Zombie"... have  not tried that one out yet...)
            Many new terrible things to do to Sims... the link (in video) has some "vile" game bits...
Still been at my sims (figured a way for other Sims to collect the "evidence" from the Lab... now have well over 100 pieces !!)... Mother- Plant are the last two "Adventurers" that attacked her
   A fun new "trait" to add to my Sims ("Paranoia". is a new trait that came with StrangerVille..)
the above mentioned mods can even cause "Fear" in Sims... can even be scared to death... cool !!!

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