Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Again

been at my Sims... defeated the "Mother-Plant" (ended up killing a couple of my characters... and the  thee who died off last weekend... they died again... had written a copy of the "Book of Life" of my Author... so got him back...may just leave him as a playable Ghost ... won't have to worry about him dying... guess he will be a "Ghost Writer"...)
                               my "Books of Life" collection..... kept in a locked room
                          had my "Stacey" Sim "revive" the poor plant... and we became best friends...
Weekend was rather hectic ... had visitors, a bit after 8:00am (had only been asleep less than two hours) he was rather "drunk, hand taped up bad cut got up and gave him the couch (my bed) so he could lie there and rest.. around noon he awoke... and yesterday, two of the friends of my young Friend ( whom we have seldom seen this Summer over three weeks since last saw him) they came here looking for him.. the one fell asleep  on my couch and  slept there... so did have some visitors.. they  just slept on couch and left  right after waking...
                                                          So Mother-Plant still Lives !
about to make a pot of coffee, burnt the pot last night... and my one god cup from that pot was full of bugs this morning.... just going to sit here and think over some "options"

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