Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Poor Mr. Vincent Price died (Again.... did Not drink his "youth Potion" when the rest of house-hold did)... So have the elderly Mr. Price as a "ghost" for present...  do not have to worry about him dying
and Mother-Plant is more powerful ... even emerging from beneath the very homes of  StrangerVillle
So still at my Sims..... and transforming "nice, normal" Neighborhoods into Horror Movie "story-lines"... has been "fun" removing "normalcy" from these "pleasant" locations and making them "My Worlds".... Now have "option" to make my game "first-person-shooter" style play (do Not want that aspect)
and we are happy with our new "space plants"... been working with "grafting & splicing" these and found that grafting a Dragon Berry and a snapdragon we get the "Cow Berries" (for growing the "Sim-eating" Cow Plant !! Cool !

about to add the "Torture / Chaos" Mod to my game and try it ... will put "Cannibalism" aside for now... keeps randomly killing my main Sims.... Say it offers option to age Sim back to Adult from Elderly... would be very Helpful !!

                                            and do want to work up Mr. Price's skills...


  1. Sorry, that is "Extreme Violence" mod ... though will also add the other for better "Villains"...

  2. Sims "Torment" Mod was the one with Age adjustment...
    still will install both (and leave "Zombie Sim" mod as well..

  3. my Sim killed another with an axe... axe got stuck , finally had to put my foot on his face to remove is ... very "bloody"...
    suddenly a military drops from above and am "in Jail"... while trying to think of a way out .... the helicopter then crashed into the top of the place as I was free...
    interesting additions to my Sims "game-play"


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    1. Have a pleasant evening... "Devil's Workshop" is the only "Link" we support ... sorry about that