Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Helping Others Almost Cost Me My Love of Halloween..

                Yes that is Me (from over 30 years ago) promoting the town's "Haunted House"...
the Voodoo Room sucked... (even with My props and masks... which they Never returned... So we no longer "helped" their "Haunted House")... Lost well over $300.00 of my collected things due to the Town MORONS... never even offered to "pay me back"... would just "chuckle" or laugh at me for asking, Ungrateful $hits...!!!

                          So that was why we Quit helping Groups for this Holiday...


  1. You make a helluva demon, Stacey! Too bad about your lost props and stuff. Isn't that always what happens, eh? -- no good deed goes unpunished.

    1. Thank you good Lady Debra... Sorry feeling "down" (depression) today and health issues for several days... still trying to make the best of "things"..