Saturday, December 21, 2013

It Would Seem That the People of This Town Want Me to Move Away...

                                     This is supported by Many folks of my Hometown....
                              How is finding out something like this for the Holidays....????


  1. Ain't it great to live in a small Southern Town... with these "Holier than Thou" backwards Red-Necks...???

  2. Dr. Theda, Your town may not like you but your Readers and Follower like Me! and lotsssssssssssssss of others do like you! so keep the blog because you have many friends here that care!

  3. Stay strong, Doc! I really appreciate your posts!

    Life moves and big problems become just memories and scars ... scars are not that bad ... only those who risk, have them ...

    From your friend from Brazil!


  4. Who cares.... we love you!!! ;) I hate my small ass town too, it's a little too conservative for my palate

  5. Thank you All ... there are more than few problems here at Home....
    and my young Friend who was staying in the side room is now moving out...
    ( the "Ghost" is only part of that)...
    and it was the anniversary of the tragic death of a very good Friend of mine... he is greatly missed ( he was in his early 20's when he passed ...had known him for over ten years...)
    just a Lot on our Mind ...been up for a couple of days now....

  6. Well if you ever do move, we'd love to have you here in Vero. Rents are cheap, winters are warm

  7. ... and on a side-note, it's not like Frankenstein's monster didn't deserve it. He did drown a little girl, after all

  8. I was just referring to an "angry mob" of townsfolk....