Monday, August 27, 2012


I have posted  on this film before....
 Now I am actually watching this film
 at "Sweet Creeper's" blog

I have one thing to say... rather "Disturbing" film

Check it out for yourself


  1. Not a film for Children... or the mentally unsound

  2. How can this "Twisted Student" film get So MANY Views......???
    Well, We are Glad that you Enjoy it Kiddies...

  3. I have been searching for people who may know the producers of this film, or someone close to them, I am the lead guitarist of a black metal band, also a vocalist, and we have taking a liking to the whole masked persona, but that being said, the fact that this masks represents God, and not just that but a God who is completely broken by crushing force of insanity, and who disembowels his self is just a beautiful way to describe God's relationship with man, and how man has not only driven go to insanity but has also killed him. Anyway now for what everyone would like to talk about, I am not going to state my name unless someone contacts me who is absolutely 100% serious, but if anyone out there has been lucky enough to have this mask, or knows somebody who has it or the costume as well, I am willing to pay some good money, or possibly trade, I have a couple cars one classic and one 2014 model we could discuss as payment, but for such a priceless rellic, and how rare it is, I think I could say at least a million things that might persuade you to sell, maybe more if that doesn't work. One thing I know for sure, I a not sleeping in the viscinity of that thing, but it would be bad ass to wear on stage, and would surely boost the films income as well...along with the compensation as well.