Friday, February 3, 2012

Dr. Theda Here....

We shall see how close I can come to adding "Wormwood Manor" to My Sims.....still have to add the "tentacled Eyeball' character.... ut Doing my best th have Back MY Sims..... Monsters Evil things and All... My Evil "Stacey" is doing Great... 
Made all lots "dark and Creepy"... And have most of my monsters back....( Though it altered their "names")
                                Great Clip....And This version of the Sims2 IS My "Paradise City".....


  1. I recorded this off of MTV when it first aired ... You can clearly see how pissed Axl is when he makes it back to the stage...they ripped off his shirt.. pulled out hair ...everyone wanted a piece of their "idol" ...his gold chains even fell off after he got back up on stage ....and you Know that mick that he slammed down was F**ked...Lol

  2. Nice! I remember myself listening to Guns ´n Roses all day- i think 15- 16 years ago?! I enjoy a lot (and different kinds of) music today but still like them :)
    Have a nice sunday!