Friday, February 17, 2012

And the Three Questions Asked by The Countess

1.... What is something that I cannot get through the Day without ??
 at present my Cigarettes... (Which I must Quit due to health issues)
2.....What makes me laugh ??
 a good Pun ( I know that a "pun" is the "lowest form of comedy") or a bit of "morbid" humor....
 The Joker can usually make me "smile"
3.....What do I do to relax....??
 with my severe nervous anxiety disorder "Relaxing" is not something that I get to do....So I just sit in my corner with my computer...
 Sorry I had a rather bad fall on the brick steps which is why I had to post these other three questions later mostly scrapes and some bruising.... the pains in my chest and back are my only injuries which concern me at present....      
 and Thank you again "Countess" of "2nd Street Cemetery"

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