Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins and Pearls

These are how my pumpkins looked  ( the one on the far left was "taken" & the one to its right is the now "rotted" one outside...) ( Right Now , even as cold as it is , in the lower 40's My Pumpkins still have one of my thicker blankets upon which to set) the "Taking" of two of them has "Upset" us....
Story Time Kiddies... And we give you "the String of Pearls"

                                                        from the folk at the Horrors of it All


  1. love all your pumpkins. Sorry a couple were taken.

  2. Thank You Lady Moss for your concern at least it was not the ones that I grew myself...

  3. Having brought up the missing pumpkins brought the "worst" in my Friends