Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 more Days till Hallowe'en

How to operate a "Floating Spectre" Puppet-prop

Rotten Smile

A bit of "Fun"

Not familiar with this Artist's work ... But these three really capture the "spirit" of the Holiday

Still got to carve 12 Pumpkins ... gave the Three that I did not grow to my Brother's kids

Check out "Sinister Visions" for Lots of creepy images

Not All Witches are Evil...... or Are they..??

Happy Hallowe'en !!!

I always liked the appearance of this Disney Character ( "Danko"   ....I think)

The "pale" one and the two "jack-o-lantern" type at the front I gave to the Kids

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  1. it is after 2:00am here .... Got to get up early in the morning to work on their "yard and porch haunt" then off to therapy with the Doctor's doctor....pick up my meds.... and try to get back to Marshville in time to finish working on "haunt"
    all before dark...