Friday, October 21, 2011

The Doctor's Journal

 we are just sitting here drinking Wine ( Normally it would be a beer or two) Just took Two each of my "meds".... And will try to regain some of the composure of what was once my mind.....
This is another entry on the Doctor's psycholocical make up
This time the topic of choice is "Eccentrics".....
 They tend to feel that the world is "Crazy" and needs "Fixing".... "aside from being intelligent, they are opionated and often "outspoken"...... "not suprisingly they are not so interested in the opions of others--- but, they are intrested in convincing others of their own "point of View" ("To see things MY Way")
 they are usually NOT competitive and have "unusual" eating habits or "Living Arrangements".

   They have a "mischievous sense of  Humor"
   (usually single)
   Normally the Eldest Child or only child
   -And are often Bad spellers.

They do not care what others think of their hobbies and interests.
(They can have as many as six hobbies and become obsessed about each one.)
-"Eccentric people are just out for some rebellious fun"-
They share many traits:
*And strongly motivated by curiosity
-They are idealistic and seek ways to make their world a more "interesting" place.
*-Note: eccentrics are often aware from childhood that they are different.
 More of the factors from which the Doctor was "Formed'
              It is Inevitable that internialy things can fester until a "terrible thing" can grow inside of us.....

                                                       What monster Grows inside of You ???

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