Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Been a bit of a bad bout these last few days... and yesterday the new meds messed with us rather "badly"... some of that today (much easier to deal with today... the "changes caught use "unaware" yesterday).... will be back with more Holiday post later (this evening) need something to "focus upon) ... yesterday could not even "focus".. very "chaotic"

                 Thinking much less "Befuddled" today.... though a bad headache...

                                                 Time for More Hallowe'en Posts !!


  1. I hate when the doctor changes meds messes me up for days. Good to hear your doing much better today.

  2. My Friend (Certified Registered Nurse ... VA hospital) said the one med was trying to "counter" my nerve med... was not ourself... caused "shut-down" awoke with my face on my knees and a burn-hole on my pants

  3. Just checking in hope all is well!