Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hallowe'en Food ideas....

              Treats and "Holiday Foods" are a great  way to bring in the Holiday Season...

                               Some "Treats" you can make and serve to guests this Holiday...
                              A cool batch of Holiday ideas.... (Some look rather "tasty")

     Sliced strips of hot dog to make "Worm Dogs"... or you could have "Jack-o-Burgers"
    Or hot dogs and strips of dough and make "Mummy Dogs" (small dots of Mustard for eyes)

                                   Similar to the "Meat Feet" in this clip....

                  The first image uses red onion for fingernails (white for this one)

                                         We think that the red looks "creepier"...

                                       And a thick bit of onion for a wrist...

                       Just a way to add a bit more "Fun" to your Hallowe'en celebrations


  1. Ok I love hot dogs and for some reason the shredded hot dogs made me gag a bit but yet I would still eat it.

    1. Hello, good Sir and a happy Hallowe'en Season to you and yours !!

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